Wilderness Baby

Family Story: my birth

[The above photo was taken on October 4th, 1953–shown is my mom, dad, sister, and myself as a baby.] I was born in the greatest place on earth: Alaska.

Not the State of Alaska… Just Alaska.

On that fateful day when I was about to arrive, my mother was baking bread in the cabin she and my father had built. It was located about twenty miles outside of Anchorage, and it was nestled on a hillside overlooking the forest and the Alaskan mountain range. Our homestead was an Alaskan land grant or patent. Our family lived as pioneers but we were not the only ones. There were miners and hunters with the skills and dedication to help this land and newly-arriving people grow closer, stronger and to fight for statehood. Being born in the “territory”, my birth announcement said, ‘One more sourdough’.

My parents were “old school”, in the sense that they had lived and survived throughout their lives during some of the most turbulent times in history. They were raised to overcome adversity. Raised by stern parents who believed that playing instruments was cultural, to speak multiple languages was necessary, and to know how to live off the land was imperative. They had no telephones, no televisions, no computers. They were raised from birth with Godly moral values and trained to fight injustice. They began learning life skills at an early age, and more advanced survival skills as they grew older. This is what was the foundational strength of my family’s character… my great grandfather’s obituary read: hunter, teacher, builder, railroad-man, soldier. Our family thrived on wanting to learn and to learn was to succeed. Our family used these well-practiced traits throughout my own lifetime.

Simplicity was more often a practiced principle. Not by necessity, but rather it helped you realize your limitations. Because as you age, and take on more difficult and different challenges, you begin to realize every challenge is different, and you have to learn to overcome multiple decision points in order to accept the best solution for that moment in time. Like a diamond, each facet you develop makes you more brilliant.

Several family traits proved invaluable the morning I was about to be thrust on earth at fifty miles an hour. Born on the bump, screaming with the clan.

My mother often told us stories of the early family days following the war in Europe. My mother was a skilled survivor, and I was glad. The day was July 12th, the year was 1953. This is the beginning of her story, essentially my story as well.

Even living alone in the wooded mountains, miles from any neighbors, my mom was secure in her abilities. She always kept a loaded rifle and shotgun near the only entrance of their two room cabin. She proudly admitted that her and my father practiced shooting on a weekly basis. Her weapon was always in her purse holster. It was a snub nosed .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver. In their cabin, the .30 Caliber carbine rifle hung over the front door, and the 12 gauge shotgun was leaned up behind the hinges on the right side, in the corner.

On this particular day, my mom was nearing her thirty-ninth week of her pregnancy. She recalled opening her oven and lifting out two large bread pans that had finished baking. She instantly felt a sharp pelvic contraction. It was so extreme that she was brought down to her knees. Immediately, she rolled on her side to catch her breath. Laying on her side, she had two more fairly quick, painful cramps and she felt fluid running down her leg and soaking her dress.

Feeling under her dress she said she felt the top of a head and hair. It wasn’t protruding, just crowning. At that moment, she realized time was of the essence. She carefully pulled herself up using the cabinet for leverage, and grabbed or lifted her nearly four year old daughter (my sister, Norma) up from the floor where she was playing. Quickly pulling her purse over her shoulder, and checking that the keys were in her purse, she stepped out of the cabin into the sunlight. She hurriedly put the front door brace into the lintel slots on the large door frame. She then caught the long concrete spike nail hanging from a string and inserted it into the hole drilled to lock in the brace because, in her terrible discomfort, she absentmindedly thought that a bear or moose would smell the fresh bread and decide to try to break into the cabin. It was a simple measure, but worked well as their home’s makeshift lock.

Stumbling quickly towards the car, holding fast to Norma’s small hand, she made a beeline for the driver’s door. Opening the door and half pushing/lifting her young one, she felt the pressure pushing below. She climbed in and put the keys into the ignition. She noticed her hands were shaking. Mentally she was judging the time it would take to get to help. As she pushed in the clutch and started the car, she pulled Norma close. Then in a practiced mental game, her mind clicked off the checklist in her head. The car always had more than a half tank of gas, check. Next, there was the box of supplies in the trunk, with three blankets and two plastic wrapped sleeping bags, check. Her husband, Frank’s, two canvas tool bags and car jack were put back in the trunk last night, check. Under the passenger seat, she knew there was a flashlight, an ax, and a military issued medical kit, check, check and check. Quickly looking over her shoulder, she saw her husband’s deployment bag and cold weather parka.

The car was rolling onto the rutted driveway towards civilization. Her brain kept focusing on whether the batteries in the flashlight were still good. Had they checked them recently? Maybe they should carry a new pack of batteries from now on. This nagging concern kept her from worrying about her immediate situation. That is, until her legs cramped and she struggled through the searing pain and burning, knowing the baby was trying to push out. Pushing in the clutch one last time to shift into third gear, she thought about the nice, newness of the car she was driving. It was Manuel Rivera’s (my dad’s best friend) 1952 Buick Sedan. Their 1950 Chevy coupe was getting a new head gasket so they borrowed Manuel’s car. Thank God for that because driving that beat up old Chevy would have been horrible right now.

She could only get about ten miles down the road, before having to stop, lift the hood, and fill the radiator with water before continuing for another nine or ten miles. She could almost hear my dad saying, “Betty, don’t turn off the engine, use gloves and pour water into the radiator or the motor ‘s block will crack. I’ve left the radiator cap off so don’t put it back on”.

Trying to hurry down the rutted dirt trail, she had a clear mental picture of where to drive right and high, to miss a deep hole, or roll slowly around a curve to crawl over a protruding boulder. As she straightened out from that curve she knew she had gone about five miles, and could push the gas pedal to accelerate to forty miles an hour into an open down-hill stretch. The morning light was blinding her from under the visor, but she kept focusing on the trail in front of her. In the distance, she thought she saw some movement in the trees. She hoped it wasn’t a herd of elk. They could be dangerous.

No, it was a US Army Jeep coming out of the woods into one of the clearings. It was driving up the road towards her. She hoped they wouldn’t turn off onto one of the many trails going to some of the Army unit’s training camps. Frantically, she started honking her horn and flashing her lights. They were at least a mile and a half away. Don’t turn off, she prayed silently. As she focused on the Jeep, she saw they were speeding up towards her. They, too, then started clicking on their lights from high to low beam. They saw her. Thank you, God.

Within minutes my mom saw it was Manuel and my dad driving up in the Jeep. Both men jumped out of the jeep before it had fully stopped. Running at breakneck speed, the men had their guns out and were screaming, “Was it a bear?” , “Was it a mountain cat?” “No, No” said my mother; “The baby is coming.” My dad ran to the driver’s door and opened it to help her out. His first comment was, “My God, Betty, you’re sweating to death.” She had to laugh and say, “No honey, my water broke, but, yeah, I’m sweating too”.

As my dad helped her into the back seat, she let out a sharp deep cry and sucked in air. She was really feeling this pain and told them to please hurry. At this point, Manuel popped the trunk and got out a sleeping bag and blanket. He threw them to my dad in the back seat and quickly jumped behind the wheel. My dad was trying to make her comfortable by placing the sleeping bag behind her. “Hold on”, Manuel shouted, as he drove like a crazy man through the forest with all its ruts, barely missing or maneuvering over the tree roots. Manuel reached across the front seat and grabbed Norma by the shoulder and pulled her close to him. He spoke softly in Spanglish with his heavy soothing accent, “No need to cry poketo, Mama is okay” .

Less than three miles further along, Manuel hit a small boulder which jolted everyone’s position and proceeded to bounce them four inches off the seats, up into the air. My mother landed hard and let out a piercing scream of pain. My dad screamed at Manuel, “You idiot, slow it down!” Norma started crying at the top of her lungs, scared that everyone was screaming. Manuel yelled at my dad for scaring little Norma. In the middle of all this commotion, my mom said in a loud authoritative calm voice, “Stop the car. Stop Now!”.

As they were breaking to a full stop, my mother told the two men, “I think the baby is out.” My dad lifted my mom’s dress and saw the head protruding and the shoulders moving slowly out as well. He put his hands down and holding the shoulders started pushing the baby back in. Well…he got slapped for that, as my mom doubled over grunting loudly, pushing more.

Drive faster!”, my dad screamed. “Ohhhh, God help us.” , Manuel screamed even louder. My dad asked, “Can’t you go faster?” Manuel answered “I’m doing almost sixty. In two or three minutes, we’ll be on the highway and we can drive faster.”

My mom started the death grab and soon was crushing her long fingernails deep into my dad’s forearms which were holding my shoulders. It was the leverage she needed and one final push later little ole me slid right on out. Manuel was yelling and babbling: “Frankie grab him.”; “Don’t drop him.”; “Put the baby on her lap.“; “Look, there’s a penis.” My dad just yelled out to no one in particular, “Keep your eyes on the road, will you?” He told my mom to hold the baby and lifted his parka onto her lap. She loosely wrapped me in the fur. All of a sudden, Norma was looking over the seat and saw me. She saw all the blood and slime and screamed, “BAAAAYYBEEE”. Instantly, I broke out with my own newborn cry-scream.

Manuel covered the last five miles through the treacherous mud-puddle pocked drive towards town, at a safe, but bumpy speed. Once arriving at the paved road, which was the Alaskan Highway (now called Col Glenn Highway), Manuel started driving at a much faster speed towards the main gate of the Elmendorf Air Base. Manuel pulled up and told the guards, “We have a woman and baby. They are in labor.” “Call the hospital to get them ready for us.” The guard asked if she was close to delivering, and the two men screamed: “Yes! The baby’s on her lap.” Manuel made a u-turn and headed out onto the highway, when my dad asked, “What are you doing?” He yelled, “Just drive through the gate”, but Manuel told him they just finished putting up the fence around the base. It would be quicker and easier to get to the clinic which was outside the fence by the Richardson Army training area.

The old hospital or clinic was down the highway another left onto a gravel road, about ten or twelve miles. Doing close to eighty, the Buick was heading towards the turn-off for the US Army Richardson roadway entrance. Making a left turn off the highway, they were heading into the dense woods, on a gravel training road. Five miles into the Army training grounds, there was a military police check point. Instead of stopping, they flashed their lights and my dad was hanging his head part way out of the open window, and waving his free hand at the guard and screamed, “Get out of the way. We are having a baby.”

Five long minutes later, my mother was still feeling the urge to push. Grunting, she doubled over. The bouncing ride had taken its toll. Panting, she grunted to release some pressure. I laid there wrapped in fur. Waiting for us at the small clinic-hospital was an entourage of medics, one doctor and a couple GI’s. Manuel pulled close to the entrance, which was lined up in the center of three attached white concrete block buildings. The buildings were attached to form the letter ‘H’. (Its now the vet clinic at JBER). As Manuel slammed on the brakes, a medic jerked open the passenger side door and my sister Norma let out a piercing scream, which acted as another catalyst for me to let loose with my own screaming cry. This pissed off my dad and Manuel. “Get a wheelchair”, both men shouted in near unison. Mom smiled and said to no one in particular, “I can get out by myself, just lift the baby as I scoot out.” My dad slipped out backwards and stepped out of the open door. Mom stayed close after handing me to him and scooted slowly across the seat, slipping out of the car. Immediately she grabbed me back. I was still comfortably wrapped in the fur-lined parka.

The ordeal took it’s toll on my mom. She was smiling but she had lost a lot of blood. As she leaned back against the car waiting for the medic to bring the wheelchair, no one noticed her weakness and loss of color in her face. A second later, she leaned back against the car fender, passed out and slid to the ground still clutching me. For more than a month, my mama and me lived in the back wing of the clinic. My mother never fully recovered from my birth. She was anemic throughout her life. Thinking about it now, I had made a pretty dysfunctional entry onto planet earth. It was kind of a rough landing, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s Talk About Math

We’ll start with addition. In the Bible, Proverbs 6: verses 16-19, we have a math problem. it appears to be six (6) plus one (1) equals seven. Verse 16 says, “There are six (6) things that the Lord hates, (plus 1), there are really seven things that are an abomination to him.

Verse 17: (1) haughty eyes, (plus 1= 2) a lying tongue, (plus 1=3) hands that shed innocent blood, verse 18: (1 more =4) a heart that devises wicked plans, (and another 1=5) feet that make haste to run to evil, verse 19: (add 1 more =6) a false witness who breathes out lies, (this last 1= 7) AND, one who sows discord (divides or division) among brethren. Sounds like the elected cesspool in Washington DC.

Now I’d like to write this as an algebraic “story problem”. Propaganda, half-truths and subversion are the methodology used to mislead you when solving this problem. You have two trains running down the tracks, side by side. The first train (A) will be strategically throwing out cautionary, yet free advice as they pass through small Alaskan communities. This strategic leaking of misinformation is used as a tool to confuse the student trying to solve for train A. The democrat train will confuse your understanding with lies, subterfuge and half-truths to manipulate the outcome.

Our story problem continues where you, the math genius must solve for a united America, a ‘collective’ resistance. You must be vigilant in substituting informed political self interests for the electorates unearned suckling entitlements; while enjoying their positions of power in both houses of Congress. Here’s a clue to solving this problem; be capable of critical thinking. Learn beltway banter and deep state swamp mentality by utilizing accusation-replacement (hint: good verses evil). Their lies, leaks, deceit, treachery, pride, greed, wrath, compromise, hatred, obscenities, and corruption will lead you to the wrong answer.

Which when solving this equation must utilize this hypothesis: The House of Representatives has done nothing to further the cause, or betterment of “We The People.” The second critical piece of this equation is knowing the common denominator, which we will call mobocracy, or you can substitute any of the following names: George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama or basement puppeteer, BLM, Antifa, Nancy Pelosi, and well the list is forty pages long. I think it ends with Zelinski/y.

We’ll call train A, Socialism heading towards it’s final destination of Totalitarianism. I think Klaus Schwab is investing in a name brand called, My One Worldly Government (MOWG) or Klausi-Land. I believe this has relevance to the math question as one of the stops is a “Global Theme park”. Now Train A will follow a crooked path; crossing over Communism. Now train B will be called the Freedom Train. It is traveling half the speed of train A. It passes through the land of Free Market Economy, with a destination we will call “AWe Thepe Ople”, a Democratic Republic.

Since train A is run by a “Government socialistic economic system”, we need to solve for the core philosophical process or methodology of making decisions concerning the path train A takes. Their probability of success is based on a collective mindset, and on central planning by government bureaucracies. We will refer to as, Go on the Brandon track. and don’t look back oh no oh no.

Math teachers in college admit both trains are run by people. Remember this statement. it will be on your final exam, it’s that important. Train B runs on supply and demand. We will call it a democracy of free will, free profit-driven markets based on supply and demand. We the People consumers drive the train, and compete with other Class B trains to offer efficiencies and deliver products which are good for society, and different choices.

We the People run train B, and help AND make a variety of items (let’s call them consumation-good station) purchases, choices, by quality, service and cost. While train A is run by people who will base their decisions on involuntary persuasion. If this doesn’t help you decide what they want for you, then they eventually resort to force or a systemic “forced decision-making”.

Your college professor will tell you train A didn’t make it to it’s destination ‘only’ because the wrong people were chosen to run the train. And, those in charge turned evil and corrupt. So we tried the equation with another set of people, but these different people forced their decision-making on the “controlled people” because it was for their own good, and then took the people’s money by force and spent it on what they wanted…damn “the people”. We, We, We went completely away. Eerie huh?

The answer; train A’s socialist-Communist decisions are corrupt. Your answer will always be wrong. Train A never reaches it’s destination. Why? Because it’s not about the people, but about “GREED”, LIES, and you sniveling little parasites we need to eliminate. Hey? They’ve got an idea, what about TransHumanism or bio-weapon terrorism let’s call it COVID or Information control, and let’s please the individual authoritarian dictators or evil leaders and bureaucrats wanting more power, MORE wealth, more submission and more control of your lives, your money, your property and your choices. Remember it’s for your own good. In fact, “You will own nothing and ‘Be Happy'”; So, the final part of this test are simply “NO” answers. Just repeat after me “NO”. Power corrupts, wrong, NO, it’s a lie. Absolute power corrupts absolutely; wrong, NO it’s a lie.

Their mathematical answer is, More “Bloody”, Civil Un-rest and World Wars.

Wake up, “We The People”. They have one intention, to use any means possible to seize global “One World Domination”. Words mean something; like their naming “their” voting machines… DOMINION. The end of the Train B tracks is the state of Dominion (-nation).

Proverbs 6: verses 16-19.

Patriots, Conservatives, Christians, Nationalists, America First-nations, Constitutionalists, Middle Class Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners; The answer is “USS America” or Train B for: Thanx to JH, Tom, Mike, Gary, Karen, Alisha, Renee, Matt, Deborah, Carole, again…the list is forty pages long.


The Hypocrisy Of DC

The Hypocrisy of DC; they hate America and hate “We The People”. God gave us a warning: Lawyers, Judges and Laws take wisdom from the people. Laws are only followed by law abiding citizens. Socialists and evil lawyers are pushing laws to remove GOD, in order to destroy America. We now have a Supreme Justice in-place who’s beliefs are Godless.

It’s not funny anymore having regular citizens stand back and watch a majority of elected Senate Leaders, lawyers who are Senators, asking the nominees who will be filling lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, 1. specific questions of case law, 2. their opinion or clarification of papers written in law school, and 3. cases they adjudicated.

The questions by our sniveling Republicans in the Senate were safe, benign and legalistic. As I watched the Senate Republicans ask similar rhetorical questions, it bothered me that they are not focused on Judge Jackson’s opinion on whether God or the States should/could over-ride the U.S. (Federal) Constitution where the Tenth Amendment states, “That the U.S. Supreme Court may not take unto itself power to amend, alter or abridge inalienable rights.” It does however give us, “the People” and sovereign States; rights to protect “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Well I’ll say it, ‘We The People’ are tired of the lawyers, the legal system, and judges in the legislature telling us what we “can’t” do. The Supreme Court, in Roe vs Wade (1973) went against the U.S. Constitution by defying God Almighty who gave all mankind life, and our inalienable Right to Life.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment began the destruction of America by canceling or thinking they could “over-ride” God’s Moral Law; “Thou Shall Not Kill”. No government, or king or any human entity (organization, agency, department, etc.) can cancel God’s law on morality. Based on this, my questions for Judge Jackson would be simply, questions that pertain to my life and my children’s lives, and extended families, mostly middle working class, common sense issues.

For example, “Judge Jackson do you agree or disagree that our borders are being over-run by criminals, drugs and gangs illegally?” And, are these illegally entering as non-U.S. citizens, criminals? Are we being invaded? yes or no. Next, Do you believe it’s alright for Muslims, and Islamic Sharia law to become embedded into U.S. policy and laws? Do you agree with the previous President Obama’s funding of mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in grammar schools across our nation? Is the killing of any baby or fetus in the womb considered murder? There are laws against abusing the American Flag, will you uphold them if a case is brought before you?

Also, do you agree or disagree that media (social and news) as well as agencies within our government are illegally tracking, collecting, sharing U.S Citizen data to infringe on our Lives, our Liberties and Freedom of choice, movement, to peacefully dissent, and to disagree with elected officials decisions? Do you believe in sanctuary cities for criminals?

I already heard her answer on the Jan 6th charging and conviction question; that Congress is the reason for the delays, and convictions, by interjecting themselves into the cases as/with victim testimony, and recommendations for charges. Bad answer. The Constitution gives any/all courts a specific timeframe for a speedy trial, a bail unless an instance of murder. I only saw our Intelligence and Police commit murder, and yet they were not charged.

It upset me because on April, 20, 2018, The Supreme Court issued an opinion favoring illegal immigrants convicted of certain felonies (many violent) thereby helping them avoid deportation, and with California’s release policy put dangerous criminals back on our streets. The U.S. supreme court ruled that one provision in the Immigration and Nationality Act, VIOLATES THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. The Supreme Court then invalidated part of the definition for “aggravated felony,” In my mind, the supreme court is anti-American by not keeping the “lawful” ‘U.S. citizens’ safe. Also, as they (criminals) travel freely, America’s not safe. Do you agree? Judge Jackson.

Also, we need to ask if she will be legislating from the “politically correct’ or pc platforms of today’s socialist agendas? Is she open to rewriting laws for ‘safe spaces’ and propaganda culture; or charges for offensive ‘trigger words’ like MAGA?… which leans way too far left for American patriots. Me.

Concerning our children’s education, rampant racism and defamation against white people, the elderly and working middle class small businesses, defining “only” law abiding citizens as homegrown terrorists, the socialistic-antifa hatred of America, the illegal elimination of America’s history in text, in art and architecture by America’s statues, eliminating border controls, attacking personal gun ownership rights, the funding of countries who hate and want to destroy militarily, like Iran’s nuclear weapons program or funding any nation who hates America (i.e., Hamas),. Then there is LGBTQ indoctrination, but not hederal sexual indoctrination, how about a law against divorce, yet rewriting U.S. Constitutional Judeo Christian historical relevance (false separation of church and state, when the Bible WAS the basis for the Preamble and “all” thirteen colony’s Constitutions, brought together to write our Declaration of Independence to the English Crown, and the Republic of States’ God Divined U.S. Constitution. There is no Biblical authority for a fabricated baseless 1619 doctrine, document or relevance (initiative).

I challenge the lie, “free healthcare”, It’s not free. Please prove me wrong. I agree with elimination of college debt; make your payments on time and eventually your debt is eliminated. It’s like a “miracle phrase”. Make your credit card payments on time and your credit card debt is eliminated. Free college (lie), free housing (lie) free food stamps (lie), free citizenship (lie), free to riot and steal (lie). How about Judge Jackson would you at least agree we should just enforce the laws already defined in the U.S. Constitution. Or?? What??

The fabric of our society is fraying…socialism, communism, and a diabolical materialism by the uber rich and elitists are hell-bent on removing God from America, which will destroy America. In the past ten, twenty, thirty-five or fifty years, we have see our laws being changed, rewritten, redefined, or new restrictive ones written for controlling our movements, our elections, our TOO Many TO List, and modifying/nullifying, ignoring local and state authorities (elections, vaccines, and ???), pushing government over-reach that support a methodology of bias against “We The People”.

We no longer have Judge Advocates, our Department of Justice, and their Agencies, Policies and execution of the Rule of Law is offensive to “We The People”. Attorney General William Barr’s interview in May 2019, with CBS, was eye opening. Especially, his comment, “…nowadays people don’t care about the merits and the substance…They only care about who it helps, who benefits, whether my side benefits or the other side benefits, everything is gauged by politics.” That was offensive to me as a working class citizen. EVERYTHING is gauged by “politics”. I disagree. There are NO Politics when you are out hunting with two or three friends. “No, you take the shot.” I think your family is more hungry I insist, you shoot. Besides I’ve missed twice. Your obnoxious comments are expected from the Lesser Branch of our Government. heads up, we don’t trust the intelligence Community anymore–either.

WHY? Now we have “leaked” evidence President Obama was setting up America for a final, I insist defeat; by politicizing the FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA and giving Kerry’s State Department the Green Light to Iran’s Mullahs for developing Nuclear Weapons. We now live in a gilded cage. At every level of society; local, state, and federal; the U.S. supreme court overseas a tyrannical two-tier legal system. One system for the ‘haves’, the power mongers, the lawyers, very rich and politically connected swamp creatures (the list would be too long to name them all). Tier two is for us ‘the have-nots’ or chattlings. better known as, “We The People”. It should wake us up. We are just pieces (pawns) being played in their game.

It’s time we stop lawyers from holding an elected office. We want people that know their community and constituents, who have worked real jobs. AND…Leave the laws in our Constitution alone.

Wake up “We the People”!

Stop listening to a “soundbite”, Stop voting personalities. Realize money buys politics; ads and slogans are propaganda. They all say they will do blah, blah, blah. How do they know? Look at their past, their previous jobs. Their experience. I’d rather have someone who works at a radio station, previously drove as an EMT, was in the military serving his or her country for four years and has lived their life to the fullest. But, I’m biased.

Lawyers tell your how they interpret the laws. They are quick to tell you what you can’t do…by the law. But, seldom do they tell you what you can do. Laws are restrictive not used to make life easier, more helpful, or to benefit you. Rather, control, manipulate, and restrict; ideas, movements, or decisions, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. “The King and I”

I’m more curious what and why, and who is most qualified to do the best job. Money Management? Check. Reasoning? Check. Critical Thinking? Check. Proven Experience? Check. And first, a Heart loving God and fearing God. Second, what do you offer your neighbors, and your state, your Country—NOT your own personal benefit.? Double check.

BTW; check, double Check means….compare the candidates. Federal State, Congress representatives; for Governor and Lt Governor; for state and local elections. Truth Bomb…Being the incumbent does not make you the best qualified! Just Saying. Look me up, check out my qualifications. Read my donate page; a prayer and volunteer anywhere to help “We the People”.


Her is my political one question survey, “Is Karl Speights qualified to do the job of US Senator for Alaska?”

If you feel I’m not. Don’t vote for me, but please write to me and share where I need to better myself for any future role I may decide to take on. Just don’t say it’s because I don’t have the most money. or I’m not a lawyer.

Thank you

Very sincerely. Karl

JH, Thomas J asked me what I believe a “Good Stewart” … MEANS

Thomas asked me what I would do if there was a “Red Wave” in the 2022 election, and we took control of both Houses of Congress, and “if” in 2024, we also took back the White House. I asked him to give me a specific area, regarding “good stewardship”. He said, “If the Republicans have a total control of the government would you favor cancelling the “out of control” funding for the hundreds of hidden and openly socialist programs hidden in the last five or six bills passed by this administration. My simple answer was yes. I explained that the infrastructure bill was more about reversing or redefining the past administrations righteous program for limiting government in “we the people’s” lives.

I then continued by explaining to several people now listening that we as a nation are under both a spiritual and physical war. The issue of good stewardship is really about moral ethics. In simple terms it’s knowing the difference between right or wrong, AND choosing to do what’s right.

JH jumped in and asked me what my position was on education. I have multiple opinions on education, I believe it’s relevant, but is failing on so many fronts; removing or changing history in all levels of education. Also, we’ve allowed an openly seditious socialist agenda to use educators as a proponent for changing our societal social, moral, and our family core values, to include marriage by a man and woman. JH continued by asking about being a good Stewart of school financing. Now I had an issue that I could focus on, and share my thoughts on the dilemma regarding being a GOOD Godly Stewart.

I focused on his specific question, but told him my answer is relevant to multiple, or really any institutional financial application. For instance, whether it is a budget in a School District, and budget in Congress, a program funding package under your management control, or a church board administering donations, tithes and paying financial obligations… good stewardship is based on the principle of right conduct and conviction rather than legality or law based on demonstrable evidence. Hint: note the partial word demon(strable), as it pertains to how lawyers look at moral ethics.

King Saul in Israel was a good man, he was anointed by God, but wasn’t selected by God, but rather the people. He started off okay, but when God told him to ‘kill all’ in a conquest against Israel’s enemies. Saul kept the best sheep and cattle and gold and possessions because of greed. Using this as why so many of us lose sight of staying in God’s will. I used a personal example on explaining what a good Stewart is (my Joseph example).

Having worked for the government, each year, every institution, business, government agency/office/district ( state, city and Federal), submits a budget request. As the funds flow into these people’s hands, fulfilling their monetary requests, they are/become the Stewards of those dollars. They pay the requirements, fulfill expenditures and resolve their annual shortfalls. In most cases, under a free market society, the monies expended equal defined requirements. In ‘Governmental’ budgets, the request is usually 10-25 percent more than required or requested. Also, the annual budgets automatically increase each following year. THEN, comes the “Good Stewardship” dilemma. The lawyers and Financial Comptrollers, base their moral certainty on probability of correct conduct of character; specific conduct is first based on getting approval for your request. When your request is approved, you have (in their minds) received legal authority, therefore your thoughts and attitudes result in moral victory.

It’s a greed fallacy. Here is how good Stewarts manage tax payer money. If you only need or have a requirement for fifty percent of your authorized budget, common sense would say return the other fifty percent back to the government’s “piggy bank” which is our ‘We The people’s” tax dollars. But No, that rarely happens. There is an insidious mindset that if you don’t spend all your money, next year you will get less or nothing. So every cent is earmarked and spent, by bad Stewarts. Times one hundred thousand organizations. The rationale from Moral Victory believers is, “It’s my money, not the taxpayers.”

Now lawyers write laws to guide people and decisions. One of those laws is the Anti-Deficiency Act. It’s primarily used for contracts, but when working for any government office, you have an unwritten contract with the taxpayers on how you use their money. Anti-Deficiency in simple terms means you can’t use money that’s earmarked for a specific task on a different task. Your budget itemizes what you have defined as, payment authorizations in your annual ‘work-load’ budget. You can not by law take money you receive and pay for unidentified items like: new furniture, carpeting, TV’s, computers, hiring ten more lawyers, etc.; because, it was not listed in your budget request, or a different budget, or a contract or someone else’s expenditures.

There’s a simple fix that JH and I discussed. Why doesn’t the government “bless” good Stewarts who want to save taxpayer dollars, by creating a “three year or five year” pot the good Stewarts can put any excess dollars they save the taxpayers. When and if an emergency occurs there are funds to solve their problem. However, if the money is not used in the period of time (3 or 5 years) it’s returned to the taxpayers…not the government.

My Oliver Story – First Generation Americans

Part 1. Skeleton’s in the closet.

My father was a bastard son, born in 1924 on his great grandfather Samuel Ellsworth Oliver’s farm. His mother, my grandmother, Edith Celeste Payton, lived on the Iowa frontier when she became pregnant by her Irish boy friend.

Her parents, Frank Norman Payton and Ethel Farnsworth Oliver decided it would be best to send her away until the baby was born. Her younger sister followed suit three months later, but her child died at birth.

My grandmother boarded a train in south Chicago. She wore a loose cotton work dress to hide the small bump. Rather than be ridiculed and ostracized by school mates, she chose to leave just before she was showing, around the three month timeframe; September 1923.

Her beau remained behind in Linn County, and continued attending school in Cedar Rapids. In January, she received her last letter from him. It simply stated he was marrying an older woman in two weeks.

On 10 April 1924, my father was born Frank Norman Payton, after his grandfather in Iowa. He was delivered at the farm by his great grandmother Oliver. His birth certificate states place of birth, Putnam County Indiana, near Madison, on 10 April 1924. It also states mother; Edith C. Payton – born in Rantool Illinois, and father; Jay J. – born in Iowa. He lived on the farm for almost four years. His grapa Samuel raised him.

Samuel Ellsworth Oliver was a man, a real man. He was a timber logger at sixteen years old. At eighteen, grapa Oliver was a Railroad man, laying track and riding the rails as a load hand. He belonged to a close knit community of Irishmen who liked honest hard work. Saving every cent, he married his sweet heart. She was a feisty red headed Irish lass named Mary E., from the Morgan Clan. They bought a lovely 400 acres, and built their homestead farm.

On July 5th of 1898, my great grandfather Oliver enlisted for two years as a private with the 161st Indiana Volunteers, Company D, to fight with Teddy Roosevelts Rough Riders. He trained on horses for only three weeks, having know how to handle horses in harnesses on the farm and while working on the railroad as a laborer. His unit took a train to Florida, where they met up with Col Roosevelt. From there they ferried their equipment, men and horses to Cuba. My grapa returned as a Corporal after their battle of Havana against Spanish and Central American insurgents.

Roosevelt’s Raiders were credited with winning the Spanish-American War. My great grandfather was credited with staying alive. Nearly all the en were suffering from malaria. He returned to Mary and they raised a large family of eleven children; grapa’s great grandfather, John Oliver was an explorer following the Revolutionary War. He and two brothers travelled to the wilderness territory called Tennessee. They were the first white settlers in Cades Cove. (Now a Federal Park in the Appalachian Mountains).

John and James Oliver were two of twelve children who fought the British in Virginia and North Carolina. My great great grandfather Payton were there as well.

In Part 2. I’ll write about the arrival in the “Americas” in the 1600s. The Irish clans movements from the colonies into East and West Jersey in the Americas. How it was named from the Island south-west of England called Jersey. From 1660 until 1787, the colony was only called Jersey. Until after the 100 battles fought during the Revolution the new American colonists wrote the New Jersey Plan; to stop neighboring colonists from affirming their powers. In 1787 they became the third state of the Republic called New Jersey. Delaware was first and Pennsylvania as the probable capitol of the republic became the second state.

HISTORY MATTERS. My forefathers were there…at America’s birth.


I-M Karl W. Speights, a product of the experiment called America, the great melting pot. I believe in America’s openness, but I also believe it makes us vulnerable to terrorism.

I-M 1st generation Alaskan American. I was born in 1953, in the wilderness of the Alaskan Territory. My parents received a land grant, where they built a two-room cabin. My mother was French, born in SaarLouis, in the providence of Alscace-Lorrain. They married during WWII. Mom became a U.S. naturalized citizen on their way to Alaska.

I-M a believer in America FIRST.

I-M an eighth generation PATRIOT; served 24 years defending our liberties and ‘way of life’.

I-M for GOD, my country, and family.

I-M a Constitutional conservative Christian dedicated to the principles of child advocacy, and America’s Grass Roots movement. I believe the majority of Alaskans love America. In a lifetime of extensive travels, I’ve never found a better home.

I-M a 2nd Amendment advocate; hunter and gun owner. I fish and dip net too.

I-M your voice, and will effect change by making Alaskans’ voices heard. I will earn your respect.

I-M against funding countries who hate us.

I-M for term limits (2). I-M only running for two.

I-M against socialism’s cancel culture. “I don’t want us to lose America”.

I-M optimistic! Have hope, don’t lose faith; we will prevail, but we need a new direction. No ‘Great Awakening’ – it’s bankrupting America. No ‘Great Reset’ – it’s war against our freedoms, equality, morals, and history.

Family History: Why We Celebrate the Passover Feast (One more new day to live)

The way I believe was altered by my quest to discover the truth. I began reading the bible and discovered that Jesus Christ had a salvation plan for all of mankind. I was also researching why, where and when my family lines migrated through time. My path has led me to make a difference; I learned the Feast’s of the Lord were passed down from generation to generation. This week is the feast of Passover, an analogy of Jesus Christ shedding his blood to free us from our sins.

Passover is the first feast of the year.

First, before I share about Passover (tonight, 27 Mar 2021) let me begin by telling you two related stories.

The first story is about my wife Karen and I growing up as Catholics. We were very engaged with all aspects of Catholic life, church attendance and volunteering, family and pro-life advocates, Christian education; she attended Catholic school, and we pray at mealtime, bedtime, and at Church. During our travels around the world, our kitchen table became our church. We started reading and studying the bible as a family. We found the ‘truth’ in the bible. We are now and have been for twenty years “Bible Believing Christians”.

My second story has more relevance to the Passover Feast, one of seven feasts the Lord our God, and Jesus Christ our savior mandated before any religion was established.

The Passover Feast was a ‘miracle’ performed to save his/God’s “chosen” people, that he signed a covenant with…the “Ten Commandments”.

I’ll explain…while in Egypt under slavery, God used Moses to help release Israel from their bondage (after 400 years). The “Passover Story” (later a celebrated feast, passed down from each preceding generation) was the story of the final curse over the Egyptian Rulers.

It was a declaration that if the people of God were not freed from slavery, to journey to God’s “Promised Land”, he/God would kill/sacrifice every first born child. Pharaoh mocked this God and the proclamation and refused.

So God spoke to Moses and said, “Take a lamb that is perfect, sacrifice him and eat him in the evening, but first take his blood and paint it over the top and sides of your entryway so none in your house will die. The Israelites did as were instructed and were protected. The Egyptians lost all first born children and released the Jewish slaves.

So this is not a Jewish feast, or a Christian feast, or any religion’s feast. It is our Lord God’s, and Jesus the Christ’s feast. My Bible says, “All shall follow the Lord’s feasts”.

Story two; I have two distinct “family” bloodlines, with multiple off shoots. So do you. On my father’s side we (the Oliver family) are Irish-Scottish ancestry, but first generation Americans. Arriving on the New York-Jersey shores between 1680 and 1750.

On my mother’s side we are French, and after WWII, migration paths made us French-Canadians, French-Swiss, and with border re-zoning became French-Germans. We also are classified in DNA as ‘Basque’. This lineage of mom’s translates back to 1401. Her family name is Quoiffy. The word ‘Quoif’ translates in French to “what.” My first great grandfather it was discovered, was born in an orphanage on the outskirts of Paris. The village community was predominantly Jewish, and Lutheran.

In May 2015, my sister (Edie), wife Karen and I went to Europe for about a month. We were exploring this family’s migration from Paris. We pre-mapped the nine generations and their cities (birth, marriages, work, wartime military posting, deaths and cemeteries).

Edie and I were the last survivors of this lineage, we thought. To our surprise, we discovered we had two first cousins! We reunited and became friends. During our visit, they drove us around, showed us our homesteads, and answered burning questions. The first was, “Are we Catholics, Lutherans or Jewish”. They laughed, and answered, “Yes”.

I shared my Uncle Peter and my mother’s deathbed stories.

We found evidence that my family was educated by Jewish teachers. All the children could speak at ‘least’ five languages, one being Yiddish. Each child played an instrument, or two. Their music teachers were Jewish. My grandmother “only” went to a Jewish doctor, or Jewish butcher for their meats. Moving closer to Germany, into the town of Chateau Salais, my family attended a Lutheran Church, “becoming” protestants.

Their final move was to Alscase-Lorrain. My grandmother Emilie Quoiffy married a French-German man named Johann Hoffmann. I say French – German because those living in the “no mans’ land called France their “MotherLand” and Germany their “FatherLand.”

My grandfathers extended family lived on the French border near Germany in towns like SaarLouis, SaarGemunt, Saargebiet, Saarwellingen, Nalbach and Zweibrucken. Our newly found cousins shared that our Hoffmann family in Nalbach and some in Saarwellingen were taken away by the Nazi’s to camps, and never returned.

My mother was born in SaarLouis France. The youngest of six children, but one of the twins died early. She was a Catholic. Her brothers laughed about learning the “sign of the cross.” My grandfather was known to say, “What respectable Catholic family has a family menorah?” The two oldest children said it was part of survival, and only God knows. Nothing else. Well we asked our newly found cousins and they confirmed that we were every religion.

My grandmother continued to only use Jewish doctors and butchers until the Nazi control of Alscase-Lorrain. My family told Dr. Alexander, and the butcher Max Sabel to leave, go to England or America, right after my father witnessed a mass shooting of four gypsy Jews at the gravel pit where he worked. Before his death, he told my grandmother that he and the Forest Meister or game warden were fishing and snagged a piece of clothing. When they reeled it in it was an elderly man with two bullet holes on his face. The occupation had started.

In many respects this generation moved or migrated because of persecution, war or for work. In hindsight, they should have all moved to Canada. Instead, they moved closer to relatives for security. Unaware that in a few years they would live through the horrors and atrocities of WWI and WWII. Most served in the military.

Like our American Civil War, some families ended up fighting against their relatives. My family’s story will be written as a series of short stories, but today the story is about GOD’s love for us. He’s looking down at me and smiling at my Jewish, Protestant, Catholic foundation; trying to cover all bases. LOL, I’m glad my GOD has a sense of humor.

The American’s Creed

From 1938 – 1942, my grandmother, Edith Speights, worked the assembly line at General Motors Corporation – The Allison Division building motors for aircraft in World War II. On the back of her award was the American’s Creed (below):

I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people, who’s just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign nation of many sovereign states; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes,

I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it; to support its constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its flag; and to defend it against all enemies.

WM. Tyler Page (1942)