I-M Karl W. Speights, a product of the experiment called America, the great melting pot. I believe in America’s openness, but I also believe it makes us vulnerable to terrorism.

I-M 1st generation Alaskan American. I was born in 1953, in the wilderness of the Alaskan Territory. My parents received a land grant, where they built a two-room cabin. My mother was French, born in SaarLouis, in the providence of Alscace-Lorrain. They married during WWII. Mom became a U.S. naturalized citizen on their way to Alaska.

I-M a believer in America FIRST.

I-M an eighth generation PATRIOT; served 24 years defending our liberties and ‘way of life’.

I-M for GOD, my country, and family.

I-M a Constitutional conservative Christian dedicated to the principles of child advocacy, and America’s Grass Roots movement. I believe the majority of Alaskans love America. In a lifetime of extensive travels, I’ve never found a better home.

I-M a 2nd Amendment advocate; hunter and gun owner. I fish and dip net too.

I-M your voice, and will effect change by making Alaskans’ voices heard. I will earn your respect.

I-M against funding countries who hate us.

I-M for term limits (2). I-M only running for two.

I-M against socialism’s cancel culture. “I don’t want us to lose America”.

I-M optimistic! Have hope, don’t lose faith; we will prevail, but we need a new direction. No ‘Great Awakening’ – it’s bankrupting America. No ‘Great Reset’ – it’s war against our freedoms, equality, morals, and history.

Published by 19nomad56

Happily married, grandpa with strong Conservative, Christian, Patriotic beliefs. Retired military and govt servant. Believe in Manners, Morals and courtesy. I love when someone takes the “initiative”, works hard and thinks for themselves. They become problem solvers and examples. I strive to be that person.

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