JH, Thomas J asked me what I believe a “Good Stewart” … MEANS

Thomas asked me what I would do if there was a “Red Wave” in the 2022 election, and we took control of both Houses of Congress, and “if” in 2024, we also took back the White House. I asked him to give me a specific area, regarding “good stewardship”. He said, “If the Republicans have a total control of the government would you favor cancelling the “out of control” funding for the hundreds of hidden and openly socialist programs hidden in the last five or six bills passed by this administration. My simple answer was yes. I explained that the infrastructure bill was more about reversing or redefining the past administrations righteous program for limiting government in “we the people’s” lives.

I then continued by explaining to several people now listening that we as a nation are under both a spiritual and physical war. The issue of good stewardship is really about moral ethics. In simple terms it’s knowing the difference between right or wrong, AND choosing to do what’s right.

JH jumped in and asked me what my position was on education. I have multiple opinions on education, I believe it’s relevant, but is failing on so many fronts; removing or changing history in all levels of education. Also, we’ve allowed an openly seditious socialist agenda to use educators as a proponent for changing our societal social, moral, and our family core values, to include marriage by a man and woman. JH continued by asking about being a good Stewart of school financing. Now I had an issue that I could focus on, and share my thoughts on the dilemma regarding being a GOOD Godly Stewart.

I focused on his specific question, but told him my answer is relevant to multiple, or really any institutional financial application. For instance, whether it is a budget in a School District, and budget in Congress, a program funding package under your management control, or a church board administering donations, tithes and paying financial obligations… good stewardship is based on the principle of right conduct and conviction rather than legality or law based on demonstrable evidence. Hint: note the partial word demon(strable), as it pertains to how lawyers look at moral ethics.

King Saul in Israel was a good man, he was anointed by God, but wasn’t selected by God, but rather the people. He started off okay, but when God told him to ‘kill all’ in a conquest against Israel’s enemies. Saul kept the best sheep and cattle and gold and possessions because of greed. Using this as why so many of us lose sight of staying in God’s will. I used a personal example on explaining what a good Stewart is (my Joseph example).

Having worked for the government, each year, every institution, business, government agency/office/district ( state, city and Federal), submits a budget request. As the funds flow into these people’s hands, fulfilling their monetary requests, they are/become the Stewards of those dollars. They pay the requirements, fulfill expenditures and resolve their annual shortfalls. In most cases, under a free market society, the monies expended equal defined requirements. In ‘Governmental’ budgets, the request is usually 10-25 percent more than required or requested. Also, the annual budgets automatically increase each following year. THEN, comes the “Good Stewardship” dilemma. The lawyers and Financial Comptrollers, base their moral certainty on probability of correct conduct of character; specific conduct is first based on getting approval for your request. When your request is approved, you have (in their minds) received legal authority, therefore your thoughts and attitudes result in moral victory.

It’s a greed fallacy. Here is how good Stewarts manage tax payer money. If you only need or have a requirement for fifty percent of your authorized budget, common sense would say return the other fifty percent back to the government’s “piggy bank” which is our ‘We The people’s” tax dollars. But No, that rarely happens. There is an insidious mindset that if you don’t spend all your money, next year you will get less or nothing. So every cent is earmarked and spent, by bad Stewarts. Times one hundred thousand organizations. The rationale from Moral Victory believers is, “It’s my money, not the taxpayers.”

Now lawyers write laws to guide people and decisions. One of those laws is the Anti-Deficiency Act. It’s primarily used for contracts, but when working for any government office, you have an unwritten contract with the taxpayers on how you use their money. Anti-Deficiency in simple terms means you can’t use money that’s earmarked for a specific task on a different task. Your budget itemizes what you have defined as, payment authorizations in your annual ‘work-load’ budget. You can not by law take money you receive and pay for unidentified items like: new furniture, carpeting, TV’s, computers, hiring ten more lawyers, etc.; because, it was not listed in your budget request, or a different budget, or a contract or someone else’s expenditures.

There’s a simple fix that JH and I discussed. Why doesn’t the government “bless” good Stewarts who want to save taxpayer dollars, by creating a “three year or five year” pot the good Stewarts can put any excess dollars they save the taxpayers. When and if an emergency occurs there are funds to solve their problem. However, if the money is not used in the period of time (3 or 5 years) it’s returned to the taxpayers…not the government.

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Happily married, grandpa with strong Conservative, Christian, Patriotic beliefs. Retired military and govt servant. Believe in Manners, Morals and courtesy. I love when someone takes the “initiative”, works hard and thinks for themselves. They become problem solvers and examples. I strive to be that person.

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