Let’s Talk About Math

We’ll start with addition. In the Bible, Proverbs 6: verses 16-19, we have a math problem. it appears to be six (6) plus one (1) equals seven. Verse 16 says, “There are six (6) things that the Lord hates, (plus 1), there are really seven things that are an abomination to him.

Verse 17: (1) haughty eyes, (plus 1= 2) a lying tongue, (plus 1=3) hands that shed innocent blood, verse 18: (1 more =4) a heart that devises wicked plans, (and another 1=5) feet that make haste to run to evil, verse 19: (add 1 more =6) a false witness who breathes out lies, (this last 1= 7) AND, one who sows discord (divides or division) among brethren. Sounds like the elected cesspool in Washington DC.

Now I’d like to write this as an algebraic “story problem”. Propaganda, half-truths and subversion are the methodology used to mislead you when solving this problem. You have two trains running down the tracks, side by side. The first train (A) will be strategically throwing out cautionary, yet free advice as they pass through small Alaskan communities. This strategic leaking of misinformation is used as a tool to confuse the student trying to solve for train A. The democrat train will confuse your understanding with lies, subterfuge and half-truths to manipulate the outcome.

Our story problem continues where you, the math genius must solve for a united America, a ‘collective’ resistance. You must be vigilant in substituting informed political self interests for the electorates unearned suckling entitlements; while enjoying their positions of power in both houses of Congress. Here’s a clue to solving this problem; be capable of critical thinking. Learn beltway banter and deep state swamp mentality by utilizing accusation-replacement (hint: good verses evil). Their lies, leaks, deceit, treachery, pride, greed, wrath, compromise, hatred, obscenities, and corruption will lead you to the wrong answer.

Which when solving this equation must utilize this hypothesis: The House of Representatives has done nothing to further the cause, or betterment of “We The People.” The second critical piece of this equation is knowing the common denominator, which we will call mobocracy, or you can substitute any of the following names: George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama or basement puppeteer, BLM, Antifa, Nancy Pelosi, and well the list is forty pages long. I think it ends with Zelinski/y.

We’ll call train A, Socialism heading towards it’s final destination of Totalitarianism. I think Klaus Schwab is investing in a name brand called, My One Worldly Government (MOWG) or Klausi-Land. I believe this has relevance to the math question as one of the stops is a “Global Theme park”. Now Train A will follow a crooked path; crossing over Communism. Now train B will be called the Freedom Train. It is traveling half the speed of train A. It passes through the land of Free Market Economy, with a destination we will call “AWe Thepe Ople”, a Democratic Republic.

Since train A is run by a “Government socialistic economic system”, we need to solve for the core philosophical process or methodology of making decisions concerning the path train A takes. Their probability of success is based on a collective mindset, and on central planning by government bureaucracies. We will refer to as, Go on the Brandon track. and don’t look back oh no oh no.

Math teachers in college admit both trains are run by people. Remember this statement. it will be on your final exam, it’s that important. Train B runs on supply and demand. We will call it a democracy of free will, free profit-driven markets based on supply and demand. We the People consumers drive the train, and compete with other Class B trains to offer efficiencies and deliver products which are good for society, and different choices.

We the People run train B, and help AND make a variety of items (let’s call them consumation-good station) purchases, choices, by quality, service and cost. While train A is run by people who will base their decisions on involuntary persuasion. If this doesn’t help you decide what they want for you, then they eventually resort to force or a systemic “forced decision-making”.

Your college professor will tell you train A didn’t make it to it’s destination ‘only’ because the wrong people were chosen to run the train. And, those in charge turned evil and corrupt. So we tried the equation with another set of people, but these different people forced their decision-making on the “controlled people” because it was for their own good, and then took the people’s money by force and spent it on what they wanted…damn “the people”. We, We, We went completely away. Eerie huh?

The answer; train A’s socialist-Communist decisions are corrupt. Your answer will always be wrong. Train A never reaches it’s destination. Why? Because it’s not about the people, but about “GREED”, LIES, and you sniveling little parasites we need to eliminate. Hey? They’ve got an idea, what about TransHumanism or bio-weapon terrorism let’s call it COVID or Information control, and let’s please the individual authoritarian dictators or evil leaders and bureaucrats wanting more power, MORE wealth, more submission and more control of your lives, your money, your property and your choices. Remember it’s for your own good. In fact, “You will own nothing and ‘Be Happy'”; So, the final part of this test are simply “NO” answers. Just repeat after me “NO”. Power corrupts, wrong, NO, it’s a lie. Absolute power corrupts absolutely; wrong, NO it’s a lie.

Their mathematical answer is, More “Bloody”, Civil Un-rest and World Wars.

Wake up, “We The People”. They have one intention, to use any means possible to seize global “One World Domination”. Words mean something; like their naming “their” voting machines… DOMINION. The end of the Train B tracks is the state of Dominion (-nation).

Proverbs 6: verses 16-19.

Patriots, Conservatives, Christians, Nationalists, America First-nations, Constitutionalists, Middle Class Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners; The answer is “USS America” or Train B for: Thanx to JH, Tom, Mike, Gary, Karen, Alisha, Renee, Matt, Deborah, Carole, again…the list is forty pages long.


Published by 19nomad56

Happily married, grandpa with strong Conservative, Christian, Patriotic beliefs. Retired military and govt servant. Believe in Manners, Morals and courtesy. I love when someone takes the “initiative”, works hard and thinks for themselves. They become problem solvers and examples. I strive to be that person.

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