The Hypocrisy Of DC

The Hypocrisy of DC; they hate America and hate “We The People”. God gave us a warning: Lawyers, Judges and Laws take wisdom from the people. Laws are only followed by law abiding citizens. Socialists and evil lawyers are pushing laws to remove GOD, in order to destroy America. We now have a Supreme Justice in-place who’s beliefs are Godless.

It’s not funny anymore having regular citizens stand back and watch a majority of elected Senate Leaders, lawyers who are Senators, asking the nominees who will be filling lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, 1. specific questions of case law, 2. their opinion or clarification of papers written in law school, and 3. cases they adjudicated.

The questions by our sniveling Republicans in the Senate were safe, benign and legalistic. As I watched the Senate Republicans ask similar rhetorical questions, it bothered me that they are not focused on Judge Jackson’s opinion on whether God or the States should/could over-ride the U.S. (Federal) Constitution where the Tenth Amendment states, “That the U.S. Supreme Court may not take unto itself power to amend, alter or abridge inalienable rights.” It does however give us, “the People” and sovereign States; rights to protect “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Well I’ll say it, ‘We The People’ are tired of the lawyers, the legal system, and judges in the legislature telling us what we “can’t” do. The Supreme Court, in Roe vs Wade (1973) went against the U.S. Constitution by defying God Almighty who gave all mankind life, and our inalienable Right to Life.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment began the destruction of America by canceling or thinking they could “over-ride” God’s Moral Law; “Thou Shall Not Kill”. No government, or king or any human entity (organization, agency, department, etc.) can cancel God’s law on morality. Based on this, my questions for Judge Jackson would be simply, questions that pertain to my life and my children’s lives, and extended families, mostly middle working class, common sense issues.

For example, “Judge Jackson do you agree or disagree that our borders are being over-run by criminals, drugs and gangs illegally?” And, are these illegally entering as non-U.S. citizens, criminals? Are we being invaded? yes or no. Next, Do you believe it’s alright for Muslims, and Islamic Sharia law to become embedded into U.S. policy and laws? Do you agree with the previous President Obama’s funding of mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in grammar schools across our nation? Is the killing of any baby or fetus in the womb considered murder? There are laws against abusing the American Flag, will you uphold them if a case is brought before you?

Also, do you agree or disagree that media (social and news) as well as agencies within our government are illegally tracking, collecting, sharing U.S Citizen data to infringe on our Lives, our Liberties and Freedom of choice, movement, to peacefully dissent, and to disagree with elected officials decisions? Do you believe in sanctuary cities for criminals?

I already heard her answer on the Jan 6th charging and conviction question; that Congress is the reason for the delays, and convictions, by interjecting themselves into the cases as/with victim testimony, and recommendations for charges. Bad answer. The Constitution gives any/all courts a specific timeframe for a speedy trial, a bail unless an instance of murder. I only saw our Intelligence and Police commit murder, and yet they were not charged.

It upset me because on April, 20, 2018, The Supreme Court issued an opinion favoring illegal immigrants convicted of certain felonies (many violent) thereby helping them avoid deportation, and with California’s release policy put dangerous criminals back on our streets. The U.S. supreme court ruled that one provision in the Immigration and Nationality Act, VIOLATES THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. The Supreme Court then invalidated part of the definition for “aggravated felony,” In my mind, the supreme court is anti-American by not keeping the “lawful” ‘U.S. citizens’ safe. Also, as they (criminals) travel freely, America’s not safe. Do you agree? Judge Jackson.

Also, we need to ask if she will be legislating from the “politically correct’ or pc platforms of today’s socialist agendas? Is she open to rewriting laws for ‘safe spaces’ and propaganda culture; or charges for offensive ‘trigger words’ like MAGA?… which leans way too far left for American patriots. Me.

Concerning our children’s education, rampant racism and defamation against white people, the elderly and working middle class small businesses, defining “only” law abiding citizens as homegrown terrorists, the socialistic-antifa hatred of America, the illegal elimination of America’s history in text, in art and architecture by America’s statues, eliminating border controls, attacking personal gun ownership rights, the funding of countries who hate and want to destroy militarily, like Iran’s nuclear weapons program or funding any nation who hates America (i.e., Hamas),. Then there is LGBTQ indoctrination, but not hederal sexual indoctrination, how about a law against divorce, yet rewriting U.S. Constitutional Judeo Christian historical relevance (false separation of church and state, when the Bible WAS the basis for the Preamble and “all” thirteen colony’s Constitutions, brought together to write our Declaration of Independence to the English Crown, and the Republic of States’ God Divined U.S. Constitution. There is no Biblical authority for a fabricated baseless 1619 doctrine, document or relevance (initiative).

I challenge the lie, “free healthcare”, It’s not free. Please prove me wrong. I agree with elimination of college debt; make your payments on time and eventually your debt is eliminated. It’s like a “miracle phrase”. Make your credit card payments on time and your credit card debt is eliminated. Free college (lie), free housing (lie) free food stamps (lie), free citizenship (lie), free to riot and steal (lie). How about Judge Jackson would you at least agree we should just enforce the laws already defined in the U.S. Constitution. Or?? What??

The fabric of our society is fraying…socialism, communism, and a diabolical materialism by the uber rich and elitists are hell-bent on removing God from America, which will destroy America. In the past ten, twenty, thirty-five or fifty years, we have see our laws being changed, rewritten, redefined, or new restrictive ones written for controlling our movements, our elections, our TOO Many TO List, and modifying/nullifying, ignoring local and state authorities (elections, vaccines, and ???), pushing government over-reach that support a methodology of bias against “We The People”.

We no longer have Judge Advocates, our Department of Justice, and their Agencies, Policies and execution of the Rule of Law is offensive to “We The People”. Attorney General William Barr’s interview in May 2019, with CBS, was eye opening. Especially, his comment, “…nowadays people don’t care about the merits and the substance…They only care about who it helps, who benefits, whether my side benefits or the other side benefits, everything is gauged by politics.” That was offensive to me as a working class citizen. EVERYTHING is gauged by “politics”. I disagree. There are NO Politics when you are out hunting with two or three friends. “No, you take the shot.” I think your family is more hungry I insist, you shoot. Besides I’ve missed twice. Your obnoxious comments are expected from the Lesser Branch of our Government. heads up, we don’t trust the intelligence Community anymore–either.

WHY? Now we have “leaked” evidence President Obama was setting up America for a final, I insist defeat; by politicizing the FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA and giving Kerry’s State Department the Green Light to Iran’s Mullahs for developing Nuclear Weapons. We now live in a gilded cage. At every level of society; local, state, and federal; the U.S. supreme court overseas a tyrannical two-tier legal system. One system for the ‘haves’, the power mongers, the lawyers, very rich and politically connected swamp creatures (the list would be too long to name them all). Tier two is for us ‘the have-nots’ or chattlings. better known as, “We The People”. It should wake us up. We are just pieces (pawns) being played in their game.

It’s time we stop lawyers from holding an elected office. We want people that know their community and constituents, who have worked real jobs. AND…Leave the laws in our Constitution alone.

Wake up “We the People”!

Stop listening to a “soundbite”, Stop voting personalities. Realize money buys politics; ads and slogans are propaganda. They all say they will do blah, blah, blah. How do they know? Look at their past, their previous jobs. Their experience. I’d rather have someone who works at a radio station, previously drove as an EMT, was in the military serving his or her country for four years and has lived their life to the fullest. But, I’m biased.

Lawyers tell your how they interpret the laws. They are quick to tell you what you can’t do…by the law. But, seldom do they tell you what you can do. Laws are restrictive not used to make life easier, more helpful, or to benefit you. Rather, control, manipulate, and restrict; ideas, movements, or decisions, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. “The King and I”

I’m more curious what and why, and who is most qualified to do the best job. Money Management? Check. Reasoning? Check. Critical Thinking? Check. Proven Experience? Check. And first, a Heart loving God and fearing God. Second, what do you offer your neighbors, and your state, your Country—NOT your own personal benefit.? Double check.

BTW; check, double Check means….compare the candidates. Federal State, Congress representatives; for Governor and Lt Governor; for state and local elections. Truth Bomb…Being the incumbent does not make you the best qualified! Just Saying. Look me up, check out my qualifications. Read my donate page; a prayer and volunteer anywhere to help “We the People”.

Her is my political one question survey, “Is Karl Speights qualified to do the job of US Senator for Alaska?”

If you feel I’m not. Don’t vote for me, but please write to me and share where I need to better myself for any future role I may decide to take on. Just don’t say it’s because I don’t have the most money. or I’m not a lawyer.

Thank you

Very sincerely. Karl

Published by 19nomad56

Happily married, grandpa with strong Conservative, Christian, Patriotic beliefs. Retired military and govt servant. Believe in Manners, Morals and courtesy. I love when someone takes the “initiative”, works hard and thinks for themselves. They become problem solvers and examples. I strive to be that person.

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